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Think of us as an “intervention”. 

Addiction is a terrible disease, just ask any smoker, crackhead or obese person and they will tell you. They want to change but can’t – forever stuck in the cycle of dependency – doomed to repeat the same bad habits over and over again. The same can be said for dot com addiction. While there are 1000s of ways to get your message out, you still fall for the same tired nonsense of “I gotta get a dot com – I gotta get a dot com – I gotta get a dot com….” and the cycle continues.

We are here to show you there is another way to break your dot com addiction. This site is dedicated to showing you similar entrepeneurs who were in your same situation and were able to break free of their dot com dependency as well.


Proven Results

We feature stories each week on sites that have broken free of their dot com addiction


Unsolicited Testimonials

Read testimonials from owners and users who were able to break their addiction from mono URLs


Guest Blog Features

Hear from others who are working to make the internet a lot more friendly to the novice user.

Our Belief

The internet is a BIG world and the possibilities are unlimited. There are as many ways to buy and launch a first rate website domain as there are to skin a cat. We are not saying to pass on a suitable dot com if one comes available, but the time you spent wasting the day searching for that “perfect domain could have been better spent on a new gTLD. 

Used Domain Salespeople

There is an entire industry of gasbags who will try to terrify you into their way or no way line of thinking. We show you how to avoid them and make logical and financial choices that benefit you. (And probably save you a ton of money in the process.)

What is a gTLD

We walk you through the gTLDs and what they are and what they are not. How to find them and how to buy them. If you have questions, you are welcome to write and we will try to point you in the right direction. The point is there is more to the internet than .com or .net

What is a "dot com"?

Have you ever actually sat down and thought to yourself “What is a dot com?” We explore this subject and more in this insightful blog, hoping to shed some light on the hidden meaning of dot com and why it seems to command such reverance in the first place.

Your Freedom Starts Here

Break Free From The Addiction And Make The Internet The Way You Want It


I’ve always used the analogy, .com has had it’s time of reign, but no King has reigned supreme forever. Except God Everything changes

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