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Yes, we got a little carried away. 

All of the advice we give here on the DropThe.Com was thrown out the window when the opportunity to score Vacation Rentals came to us. In fact, we had waited for more than 2 and a half years for this exact URL to come available on the market place and when it did – we literally took less than 5 minutes to negotiate a $500,300 price. 

(Yes, you read that right – half a million dollars)

Now, the whole point of this site is to show you different avenues that exist out there to grab a URL of your very own and not be held prisoner to high prices. So, if that is the case, what are we doing throwing around insane money like that?

Let’s consider a couple of things here first.

To begin, the original Vacation Rentals dot com sold for 35 million dollars!! SEVENTY times what we paid for the .Rentals URL. Let that sink in for a moment. $500,000 or $35,000,000. Seventy times as much as we paid.

Secondly, the URL directly related to the industry that we know best – Vacation Rentals. For the past 15 years, my wife and I have owned and operated Hunter’s Friend Resort in Branson, MO. To say that we know the industry intimately would be a gross understatement. There simply is no other term people (here in North America) use. Yes, they use Holiday Rentals overseas – but we are content to concentrate on the market here on this side of the Atlantic – and will deal with overseas later on.

Finally, the price (in our opinion) matched the demand the seller offered. SEMRush is a tool that we use a lot and the monthly search volume just for that term alone is staggering. According to SEMRush, the “loose” searches performed each month for “Vacation Rentals” is 127 MILLION. Did I believe we would get ALL 127 million variations of that search term – of course not. But, if we could gather just one tenth of one percent of that traffic…….

Now, even I had my limits as to what we would have paid for the domain. In the beginning I joked I would have paid 5 million dollars if it came down to that. Honestly, I wouldn’t have. We would have been happier to have bought the URL for $75 and spent the rest on marketing – but c’mon… there is value here as well. You have to strike a balance between what is logical and what is irrational. Just like the obsessions with dot coms.

The best part though is that you can get catchier, more memorable, and significantly cheaper choices with a gTLD than you can get (generally) with a dot com. And the proof that the gTLDs are working is overwhelming. This is the whole reason we created this site in the first place. To give you some confidence in breaking free and helping you to see that there are other viable options out there for you and that you don’t have to simply be a mindless bot either buying another dot com or strictly buying from a dot com site. 

The internet is changing rapidly – get on board with the new direction the internet is undergoing and break free from your dependency on dot coms.

Mike Kugler

Vacation Rentals