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Exactly who does Amazon think they are? First they conquer the planet, then they conquer the internet. Coming in at a smooth #1 spot for Amazon jobs AND another #1 for Amazon careers it seems like they cannot be toppled on their way to dominance. Last I checked, the goliath company employed somewhere in the area of 200,000 people. Chances are – someone – somewhere out there typed “Amazon jobs” or “Amazon careers” or even “Jobs at Amazon” (which for all of the gasbag blowhards out there blabbing on about “Daht Kahm Iz Keeng” nonsense) also comes in at #1 on Google for search.

Just like Home.Loans and Vacation.Rentals – the left and the right of the dot work beautifully for SEO as we have shown time and time and time again. Another fantastic example of generic top level domains working like a charm. 

Think we will check in on this gTLD in the future and see if it holds up.