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If you want to travel to Egypt plan to get there with a gTLD.

We were made aware of a new gTLD who is simply destroying the internet with their "dot travel" gTLD. Because we have been so busy documenting the success of Vacation Rentals - Amazon Jobs - Home Loans - Missouri Vacations and so on, we just couldn't keep up. Today we hope to make amends and once again point out another massively successful gTLD who ignored the "experts" and simply dominates the industry for organic search results. 

To find a site on the first page of Google who is a gTLD is not all that unusual. To find one that occupies the top position for not 1 but TWO positions - that is impressive!

We would like to introduce to you our newest chart topping gTLD all the way from the land of the Pharaohs  Egypt Travel 

Currently Egypt Travel holds the #1 organic position on Google for (you guessed it) Egypt Travel and Egypt Tourism! 

Remarkable achievement to be sure. Wonder if the gasbags have an opinion on that?

Welcome to 2019 – same as 2018

The Who had a great song called Won't Get Fooled Again. The last line in the song says "Meet the new boss
Same as the old boss". With that, it is almost like we are stuck in an endless cycle of redundancy. Nothing has changed for Home.Loans Still occupying valuable real estate on the first page of Google. For January 2019, that is position #6. How many 100s of 1,000s of dollars would Blake Janover have to pay to land so squarely on the first page of Google, month after month after month? 

It doesn't really matter. In the end, he is clearly the smartest guy in the room. Because he was able to break free of his dependancy on dot coms, he was able to snag himself a first row seat in the battle for organic supremacy and it doesn't look like he will ever get fooled again.

Meet the new boss
Same as the old boss...

Is there such a thing as a perfect 10?

What does a perfect 10 even look like? If you are a throwback kid to the 70s, the perfect 10 looked like Bo Derek; Lean, sultry, tanned, beautiful. She was the quintessential beauty that everyone wanted but no one could have. Fast forward almost 50 years and the perfect 10 is a gTLD. But what would the perfect 10 look like for a gTLD?

If the question is directed at Vacation.Rentals the answer is pretty obvious. For 10 straight months, Vacation.Rentals has occupied a spot on the first page of Google for the search term and continues to grow at a remarkable pace. No marketing dollars - no hired SEO firms - no PPC ads. Nothing. Just straightforward, pure, organic search results that once again proved that "DAHT KAHM IZ KEENG!" is no more.

This screen capture taken on the 3rd of January, 2019 shows irrefuteable proof that gTLD websites will continue to rank exceedingly well now and in the long term. Congratulations to the owners of the site and to the homeowners who decided to list their vacation homes for rent with Vacation.Rentals