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Dot Com Clones – Clowns – Drones

Dot com is King...Dot com is King...Dot com is King..

Have you ever felt like your world was one large plastic robotic bubble? You were in a field and up on a stand some loudmouth kept shouting out "Dot com is King! Dot com is King! Dot com is King" with absolutely zero proof to back it up? Every single moment you turned around you felt like you were an extra on the set of Matrix - another churning zombiebot driveling "daht kahm iz keeng...daht kahm iz keeng...daht kahm iz keeng...."

You found yourself waking up in panicked sweat - terrified that while you were sleeping maybe the dot com you were battling for had somehow - magically - became available overnight while you slept and someone else bought it. 

Think of all the family time you lost obsessing over the possibility of buying a 4 letter domain name as opposed to a 5. (Because as everyone knows, 4 letter domains are SO much more valuable than 5 letter domains. Even if they are A-Z-K-W dot com or the memorable G-U-U-X dot com. Doesn't matter that they sound retarded - they are 4 letter domains and 4 letter domains are the single source of ALL internet traffic because Dot com is King! Dot com is King! Dot com is King!!!! 

(And don't get you started on the unicorn 3 letter domains. Everyone knows those are as elusive as a 6 foot hobbit wearing not 1 ring, but TWO!)

Meanwhile, your buddy down the street bought the URL hotels.club and he is building an empire - right in your backyard. Yeah, it is a long URL, but he believes humans are capable of remembering catchy, unique, memorable URL names as opposed to 4 letter nonsense dot coms. 

As we stress in our 10 step recovery program - the most important step of all is to keep things simple. If you can buy and build a site with a catchy gTLD - go for it. Break out of your plastic bubble and start to create the site of your dreams, free from the burdens and days lost chasing irrelevant URLs. 

15 Great Examples of New Generic Top Level Domain Use

Here is a link to a story written of 15 sites that are doing well with the new gtld domains

If you’re involved in the domain community or knowledgeable about domains, you’re most likely familiar with the terms generic top level domains (gTLD) and new generic top level domains (new gTLD). For those of you who are not involved in the domain community, you may be asking the question what is a top level domain name?

Just what is a dot com and why does it command reverence in the first place

Have you ever seriously pondered "Just what is a dot com?" What does it mean - what is its significance - why do people reference it over dot net, dot org or any other TLD?

Just like the early days of toll free calling - 800 numbers were the only option available to the consumer for a toll free line. Then, in the 90s the phone companies realized "Hey! We can make more money if we offer more options for toll free service" and the 866 - 888 - 877... craze began. Back in those days, there was still reluctance to break free but nowadays it is just as common for someone to easily accept an 888 as it is an 800 number.

Same holds true with the dot coms and the comfortable position they have held for all these years. Still - you have to wonder just what is a "dot com"?

I did some research and came up with this from PC.Net "... ".com" is the most common and most recognized domain suffix. It stands for "commercial"..." which seems logical on the surface. Hewlett Packard is most certainly a commercial business, same for Amazon, WalMart, and General Motors. But Jane's kitchen or Bill's hunting blog or even Wooden Railways is not a "commercial" site by any stretch of the imagination. Yet, all of these sites are dot coms as well.

Since the dot com designator is clearly not for just commercial it led me to consider other things that it may or may not represent. Below are some observations and possibilities from my vantage point.

.COM merce -  It could be for trade? Possibly...

.COM mitment - People tenaciously cling to the notion that they have to have a .com or they will cease to exist

.COM ical - The amount of time wasted on chasing the elusive combination of words and a .com

.COM prehensive - You have to admit that .coms are pretty much everywhere and cover everything. Leading no one to truly know what the site is about.

.COM munity - This is an interesting one but would probably be better served by a .org

Here is what I actually believe it means. Based on the hyperbole that is built up around these TLDs I can only be led to believe it stands for

.COM munism -  Of all the possible explanations of what .com could mean - this one seems the most appropriate. ( I can almost hear the Kremlin .COMmanding "You veel hav a Daht Kahm YOO AR EL!" )


And with that, we toss out the most American thing we possess - freedom of choice with tons of options. You do not have to settle for the .COMmunist option. Be bold, frugal, and clever. There ARE other options and you CAN gain freedom from your dependence.