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It is almost universally unheard of for a NON marketed, NON advertised site to be on the first page of Google for NINE MONTHS IN A ROW – but todays screen capture not only proves it can be done – but has been done! Ladies and gentlemen – we give you Vacation Rentals a site that now qualifies as a gestation site as a first page of Google placeholder!

Landing on the first page of Google results for the search term “Vacation Rentals” in position 7 is remarkable and unreal. A direct match gTLD has given the owners (us) more bang for their buck than a cheap set of pawnshop drums. It’s almost as if we bought it, launched it, and sat back collecting the success. We use this little tidbit of success to sell the site to homeowners and property managers and apparently it is connecting with them as well, having eclipsed the 1400 listing mark last month, much to the agony and consternation of the “informed”.

Again, no marketing – no SEO hired firms – no billboards. Just straight ahead Daht Kahm agonizing reality that gTLDs are disrupting their safe space once again.

Can they make it 10 in a row? Tune in next month for an update.