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People who smoke pot are used to getting high. If fact, they have been getting high for centuries and will long after we are gone – their wafting plumes of smoke will continue to climb upwards. What I don’t think they were counting on was completely blowing up the internet like they have holding down position 1 AND 2 on the first page of Google for the massive search term Cannabis Club.

Dude, you just like… blew our mind…. dude.

Somewhere out there is a blunt that is blown burning out because “DOT COM IS KING DOT COM IS KING DOT COM IS KING.” (We think he should grab a joint or two and chill out, because obviously it ain’t king no more.)

No… this one looks to stay and has a formidable presence already established on the net and growing. Just like Vacation Rentals and Home Loans the West Coast Cannabis Club is a unique domain established for itself. Once again showing the power of the gTLD and the genius foresight of those who ignored the drivel from the Used Domain Salesman.

If you want to get high too – get a gTLD and DROP YOUR DOT COM ADDICTION!