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1) What is a generic top level domain?

Generic Top Level Domains are simply new extension names after the “.” (dot) You will see these gaining more and more prominence in the search results as time goes on. Examples would be .Rentals – .Club – .Attorney – .Tech and so on

2) Google says they will not give preference for the gTLDs

True – while at the same time they are not taking away from them either.

3) Truth or dare moment. If you had the choice between the .com or a gTLD which would you take?

It all depends on price, honestly. If you are able to get the URL with the terms you want in the dot com – go for that. If it is not reasonable, go for the gTLD. In the end, it is going to come down to site asthetics, performance, and competition. No one has a crystal ball or insider knowledge of algorithms and how they impact SEO results

4) Can you use a gTLD for eCommerce?

Without question. A “G” performs exactly the same as a non “G”. 

5) People keep adding a dot com to the end of my URL

Absolutely normal and expected. Millenials are a lot more in tune with changes to the internet, so they get it quicker than baby boomers. Just as we mentioned in the toll free number story, it will take time to get the gTLDs going and to gain acceptance in the marketplace. One trick I have found that instantly brings “understanding” is to simply add the “www” part before the URL. For whatever reason it conveys better to your audience and they instantly get it. (Trust me, it works)

6) I found a gTLD I like, but the renewal fees are pretty steep.

Unfortunately, this is not uncommon. You can negotiate with the seller on the fees and make it a deal/no deal option.