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How Home.Loans crashed the party of industry giants

I remember the first time I ever read an article on Blake Janover and his new site Home.Loans He said something really interesting in his interview that I never forgot and it has stuck with me ever since. He said “What is a dot com really? People dot com this and dot com that, but in the end what is it really? When I tell people dot loans, they know immediately what the site is and it opens up an opportunity to have a conversation”

To be sure, there was immediate attention given to this statement. Who was Blake? What authority did he have to make such a bold statement? Why… wasn’t Blake aware of the Used Domain Salesforce that was the authority on all things internet related? The very thought that someone could upset the apple cart thinking different was anarchy to them and they intended to jump up and down to show their indignation that Blake had not consulted them first before buying.

There was a LOT of hand wringing and consternation over his purchase, with charges of deception (apparently a press release was not enough proof) and guffawing how ignorant he was for buying this gTLD. 1 year later – it is only Blake who is laughing. Take this screengrab from SEMRush.com

We have followed Blake’s site now for almost a year and while his site got off to a rough start, it looks like things have corrected themselves and took off remarkably well over the next 8 to 10 months. As of this article writing on the 6th of Nov. 2018 Blake still continues to land on the first page of Google for Home Loans. Let that sink in for a moment. This guy has been consistently on the first page of Google and his business is thriving. #6 – first page. Try and spin it in any fashion you want – at the end of the day, Blake clearly has the last laugh and appears to be free from his addiction of dot coms.