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What does a perfect 10 even look like? If you are a throwback kid to the 70s, the perfect 10 looked like Bo Derek; Lean, sultry, tanned, beautiful. She was the quintessential beauty that everyone wanted but no one could have. Fast forward almost 50 years and the perfect 10 is a gTLD. But what would the perfect 10 look like for a gTLD?

If the question is directed at Vacation.Rentals the answer is pretty obvious. For 10 straight months, Vacation.Rentals has occupied a spot on the first page of Google for the search term and continues to grow at a remarkable pace. No marketing dollars – no hired SEO firms – no PPC ads. Nothing. Just straightforward, pure, organic search results that once again proved that “DAHT KAHM IZ KEENG!” is no more.

This screen capture taken on the 3rd of January, 2019 shows irrefuteable proof that gTLD websites will continue to rank exceedingly well now and in the long term. Congratulations to the owners of the site and to the homeowners who decided to list their vacation homes for rent with Vacation.Rentals