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How can a site with almost NO SEO rank #2?

Apparently if you build it, the ranking will come. That is the case with www.Missouri.Vacations – the current #2 ranked search term for… you guessed it – Missouri Vacations. That the search term ranks so high is not impressive. The whole point of this site is to show you that many people are ranking very well using gTLDs. No, what is truly impressive is what’s to follow.

As the notoriety of this website is gaining ground, people are starting to point out the success of the Gs to me for inclusion into this blog. That’s what happened with www.missouri.vacations When I pulled up their page on SEMRush, I seen immediately they were in the #2 slot for Missouri Vacations – (great job!) – but what really caught me off guard was their location. Branson, Missouri – my hometown and where I reside at right now! 

So I reached out to Kent to have a chat with him and get his feedback on his success. Now, here is the best part. Kent had NO idea his website was doing this well. In fact, according to Kent, he had bought the URL, made a page, uploaded it and for the most part forgot about it. He knew it had to be doing something since he was getting traffic from it, but truly had no idea of his sites placement on Google! Honest to God true story!

We agreed in the future to meet up for a lunch to discuss our sites further and see how things go between our two sites. At the worst case, I will have to continue to document his success for months to come. 

Congrats to Kent on a successful site. Amazing how much money he saved by not blowing all of his cash on a dot com.