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Before we begin this weeks installment of another “Look at how wrong they continue to be” let me first apologize for neglecting several sites that have reached out to me. While it is true that we have a backlog, we intend to get as many postings updated for you as we can in the coming weeks and months. If you need quicker results we suggest you buy a gTLD and watch it soar up the ladder of SEO domination.

Now, back to our newest entry into winning the SEO battle with gTLDs.

This weeks entry is another from Blake Janover. He is the same guy that owns www.home.loans as well as www.hud.loans Blake is not simply happy to rule the SEO industry from one position. No, Blake has a demonstrated need for greed to hog up ALL the search terms related to loans. (Keep an eye on this guy. If he continues to dominate the SEO landscape he may end up being the richest name you never knew)

Courtesy of Blake comes another stellar site that is occupies the top spot on Google organic with www.multifamily.loans

(Guess what the search term is?) 

What was interesting to me when pulling up the data on SEMRush was the search term for “Apartment Loans” also lands Blake in 2nd place on Google. 1 URL – 2 above the fold results. No wonder Blake is such a happy man. Congrats to Blake for breaking his addiction and succeeding in the internet search engine wars.