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Today marks a milestone of sorts for us. It was one year ago that we purchased the domain Vacation Rentals for an amazing amount of money. What they didn’t know is that the laugh would be on them. As evidenced with the screen capture taken today on the 19th of November, 2018 the website still continues to amaze with its first page placement on Google for the main search term AND 48 other top 10 search results on Google –  with NO advertising or SEO campaigns.

Much to the complete shock of anyone and everyone associated with domain names, this was never supposed to happen. The fact that we are now closing in on 1500 listings was never supposed to happen. The fact that we are steadily climbing the charts of YouTube with our channel www.youtube.com/vacationrentals was never supposed to happen. NONE of this was supposed to happen, because a bunch of blathering blowhards know nothings said it wouldn’t happen.

And then it did.

Pure… crickets….and astonishment…