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We don’t just throw you out there to the wolves and say “Fix it for yourself” We give you actual resources to help you break your dot com addiction.

Below are some resources of companies who can either sell or source the gTLD of your choice. Search through these registrar databases and buy it for yourself, or reach out to this list of domain traders and have them lend a hand in your search. 

Don’t try to beat addiction by yourself. Get help and declare your independence of DCA (dot com addiction).

gTLD.Link – A forum for advice on buying, selling and marketing in the gTLD marketplace. 

Uniregistry – I almost ALWAYS search and buy through Uniregistry. Not only will it tell you if the domain you want is taken, but it will run through a list of all the other relevant domains that are available that you may not have even considered.

GoDaddy – When leasing a domain GoDaddy has a pretty slick interface that brings up alternative suggestions for different URL combos – possibly one you never even thought of.